#2021Review: Sushi Bake by Keiks Bakes

Hello! Welcome to a new blog series. πŸ˜… #2021Review is dedicated to reviewing food items, fan merchandise, and other products sold by my classmates. I happen to be part of ASMPH batch 2021 (check out our FB page for more content!) and yes, we are meant to be reviewing for the 2021 physician licensing exams. Clearly I find reviewing products more fun.

Read more below to see if it’s a pass or fail!

California Maki Sushi Bake by Keiks Bakes

Keiks Bakes is run by a Filipina-Japanese mother-daughter tandem who have found their Ikigai in cooking and baking. They sell homemade baked goodness in all forms, according to their social media page –and I agree! I would describe it as “homemade baked goodness” with no regrets. You don’t even have to scroll through this whole blog review. Just check them out on Facebook or Instagram.

I ordered a large California Maki Sushi Bake for my family. I was really curious about the other flavors, like Spam Musubi and Sriracha Spam Musubi, but I was overruled by my vaguely taste-conservative family. They also sell cupcakes, doria, and crinkles.

‘Large’ was a lot bigger than I thought! I’ve ordered sushi bake from multiple stores before, and somehow the ‘size vs price’ tend to be disappointing. More on that below.

TASTE & TEXTURE: Popping, creamy, and sweet β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†

When it comes to california maki –easily one of my favorite kinds of sushi– there’s always some fear in me that the dish will be too creamy or too sweet. Sometimes we get all mayo and no maki. This is even truer when I’m buying from homemade shops and barely-authentic Japanese shops.

But Keiks Bakes offered a delicious balance of umami and sweet. Was the mango picked especially in season just for my tastebuds? It felt like it. There’s also a good level of healthy fat (I do hope it was healthy fat). I can’t comment on the quality of the rice because I scarfed it down way too fast, but the topping-to-rice ratio felt right.

The texture was easily a highlight of every bite. Keiks Bakes did not skimp on the roe, seaweed, and filling, and it all popped in my mouth.

Single bite of goodness! And then another, and another…

PRESENTATION: Simple, easy, and well-kept β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†

The large sushi bake came in an aluminum foil container inside a brown paper bag. I do applaud the use of paper instead of plastic, which many other stores use. It was fairly well-kept through its one+ hour ride through the metro (the injustice of living in the South while 90% of my batchmates live in the North/East). But there was some unavoidable grease in the packaging.

Presentation was simple. I don’t think there’re many ways to go wrong with a sushi bake. (Though I have scratched my head at some lopsided sushi bakes and others which were somehow served in plastic containers). Keiks Bakes also included instructions on reheating, which I appreciated. I love the colors.

VALUE FOR MONEY: Filling and generous β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†

This large serving of sushi bake cost Php750, and of course you’d have to pay for the shipping. I don’t think I’ll give five stars to any of my batch mates when it comes to value for money because shipping is just going to double up the price every time… But is it worth it? Yes.

It was filling without being boring. It can easily last two meals for 2 to 3 persons (or one meal and a snack). I’ve always thought that sushi bake is a great dish for informal potluck events, and now I’m just pining for a party.

PASS OR FAIL: βœ”βœ”βœ”βœ” It’s a definite pass!

Keiks Bakes is open for delivery on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Catch them on Facebook or Instagram + follow our batch page for other genius products! ❀️

Super short life update

I haven’t dropped by here in awhile, mostly thanks to my incredible academic backlog and random interpersonal issues cropping up again.

I couldn’t think of a better reason to come back than writing about one of the best sushi bakes I’ve tried this quarantine. This post is very MD/MBA in action. But I will be writing a more decent life update or study update soon. I even launched a big passion project recently and I can’t believe I haven’t even mentioned it here.

It is still quarantine in the Philippines. Truly the depths of despair.

But breakfast tomorrow (or earlier, since I’m queuing) is crispy spam fingers! ✨

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