Lazy Kitchen Ep. 15: Mango Graham Float and Creamy Tuna Rice Bowl

This is an update slash filler episode. 

After trying out new recipes I always think of whether or not I’d actually cook them again. I’ve made so many bland or unattractive dishes that will never see the light of this blog. 

But there are some dishes that are genuinely tasty and exciting. Right after eating, I immediately think of another ingredient to add or a different way of serving the food. Or sometimes I stick with what’s already proven to be good. Here we go!

Mango Graham Float from Episode 1 

Way back in Episode 1, I took a day off from worrying about medical school and made some Mango Graham Float Cake instead. 

Check out Lazy Kitchen Ep. 1: Mango Graham Float Cake

Reading through that 2018 blog post, I definitely agree with my past self. Mango graham float cake is the best of all possible Filipino desserts. Fight me.

A giant tub of at least 6 layers of graham-cream-mango goodness. No regrets.

I made this again pretty recently. The basic recipe or ingredient list is still the same. You just mix 2 parts sweet condensed milk to 1 part cream. Then you layer that in between honey graham crackers and slices of mango.

This times around I did a giant serving. I actually used too many crackers and crushed graham compared to the cream mix, but it still tasted great. 

Creamy Tuna Rice Bowl from Episode 11

After making the tuna empanada from scratch, I really thought that the return on investment was pretty low. I spent like 2 hours making that dish, and it turned out only a dozen or so servings. 

But I still think tuna empanada would be great for special occasions. It might also be more worth it if you make a bigger batch. But for everyday meals? I probably won’t bother with making the dough.

In any case, I really loved the filling, which doesn’t take as much time as the dough. When we were cooking it, Ate Risa and I thought that it would go great with white rice. 

So here it is! 

Creamy tuna rice bowl! Yummy and healthy :)

The recipe and ingredient list are still basically the same. But since I did it from my (poor) memory, I skipped out on some added steps. I just did what felt right, and it still turned out great! 

The ingredients, in order of sautéing in butter: 

  • Onion and garlic
  • Diced carrots and potatoes
  • Water
  • Tuna with some tuna oil
  • Milk
  • Herbs, salt and pepper
  • Bell peppers

Then stir and cook until milk is reduced. 

Most of the time we just cook canned tuna with some onion, capers and green olives. This dish is a bright and creamy alternative :) 

Until next time!

❤️ Your resident kitchen gremlin

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