Lazy Kitchen Ep. 4: Dalgona Coffee

The only reason this counts as lazy is because there were three of us working on the whisk. 

Thank you to my mom, my sister, Ate Risa, myself. The Internet.

Introduction: Dalgona Coffee

Who hasn’t heard about Dalgona Coffee? Dalgona Coffee is an ‘upside down’ drink with the milk underneath and the sweetened frothy coffee on top. Apparently heralded as the latest Tiktok trend by the NY Post (I just googled it now), Dalgona Coffee has actually been here for a long time.

It’s been made and served in India, Pakistan and Macau… but then the drink got its popularity when South Korean actor Jung Il-Woo traveled to Macau and tried the drink. He gave this whipped coffee its nickname because of its resemblance to the same-named traditional Korean sponge candy. (I tried to google the actual dalgona —it’s similar in color, at least). 

But nobody needs to know its history. We need to know what it tastes like. 

And honest review: most recipes are WAY TOO STRONG. We had to mix the whole thing into a latte to make it even slightly palatable (disclaimer: I’m a cafe latte and mocha Frappuccino kind of gal). I felt the need for a juice cleanse right after. 

It was still feed-worthy, though. Let’s go! 

Iced Dalgona Coffee Ingredients

  • 2 tablespoons instant black coffee
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 tablespoons hot water
  • Fresh milk
  • Ice

We actually used 4 tbsps of each main ingredient, which was enough for 4 servings (as in 4 glasses of dalgona coffee). Any amount in 1:1:1 ratio would do. But I won’t recommend making this with less than 2 tablespoons each, because I imagine it would be harder to whip if the mixture is too small.

Dalgona Coffee Recipe #CoffeeWhip

Reasons why Dalgona Coffee is lazy: you only need 3 ingredients, you can make it in 15 minutes, it doesn’t require any cooking equipment. 

The video is way more satisfying to look at. Scroll down below!

Prep time: 5 minutes? The time it takes you to buy the instant black coffee mix?

“Cook” time: 10 minutes?

  1. Add 1:1:1 instant coffee (DO NOT USE 3-in-1 COFFEE), sugar, and hot water to a mixing bowl. We used 4 tablespoon each, which gave us enough for 4 servings. 
  2. Using a whisk (we don’t have a hand-held mixer at home), whip the coffee mixture until it is light brown and fluffy. When it makes stiff peaks, it’s good to go! (It took us maybe 10 minutes and three people to get the whisking done, and my mom’s baking know-how to get it done right). 
  3. Pour milk over ice into a nice glass.  
  4. Spoon dollops of the frothy coffee mixture on top. 
  5. Serve and take a photo! 
We didn’t have white granulated sugar so we just used brown sugar. It worked.
It started turning into this delicious peanut-butter-like colour at around 6 minutes! Or at least that’s when we noticed it.

REMINDER: Dalgona coffee is hyper caffeinated, so don’t make it before bed, and don’t offer it to people with heart problems! 

Bonus: TikTok Video

My sister is a certified tiktoker. I love it (except when she tries to convert me into a tiktoker as well).


tried to make dalgona coffee with the mother and sister

♬ CEO of speaking French – c.est.bon.bon

UPDATE: Milo Dalgona!

Edit (02/14/2020) There are now so many variations of this frothy drink trend, including “Milo Dalgona“. The different versions aren’t really new to the face of the earth, but they are new to our home kitchens. #QuarantineCooking

I didn’t try it though! I’m not a big fan of chocolate drinks (aside from… Chuckie lol). My mom, sister, and Ate Risa all seemed to enjoy it, though!

Iced Milo Dalgona Ingredients

  • 2 tablespoon powdered milk
  • 1.5 tablespoon hot water
  • 2 tablespoon Milo energy drink powder
  • Fresh milk
  • Ice

Alternatives: Whipping cream instead of powdered milk (having that will make everything easier).

Recipe for Iced Milo Dalgona

  1. Combine powdered milk with hot water in a 2:1.5 ratio. We were very creative with the proportions. All I am certain of is that the water has to be less than the powdered milk. At the same time, I think the consistency differs depending on your milk brand.
  2. Whip until fluffy. It took us more than 10 minutes, and it never reached soft peaks. Instead, we were content with ribbons.
  3. Combine whipped milk with milo powder.
  4. Pour milk over ice into a nice glass.  
  5. Spoon dollops of the frothy coffee mixture on top. 
  6. Serve and take a photo! 

See my other Lazy Kitchen episodes here. Until next time!

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