Turning 24

It’s been a month and some change since I turned 24, and I’ve only just had the time to finally sit down and say what I want to say. Which is basically: thank you.

Thank you to my family

I’ve been living away from my family for 8 years now. Back in the day (i.e. college), I still had the privilege of going home every weekend. With the unforgiving pre-duty-post schedule, however, THERE ARE NO WEEKENDS. There are rarely family days as well.

So I want to thank my family for always reaching out and sending me love and concern through the long duty nights. I remember receiving photos of my brother’s salubong/birthday party while I was by myself in Rizal Medical Center. I was sad, but also really happy at the efforts to still include me in the celebrations.

Thank you especially to my mother, for insisting on visiting me even for a couple of hours every week (and for forgiving my rising credit card bill), and to my sister for accompanying us and for driving as well. I know it’s not easy for you guys to go all the way to Ortigas, especially with this traffic. Thank you to Ate Risa for always taking care of me and my things, even kilometers away. I can’t believe I’m still a baby at 24 years old.

At La Picara, Bonifacio Global City. Excellent food! Turns out I actually really love Spanish cuisine.

And for my birthday, especially, thank you to Kuya Gio and Ate Kim for taking some time off their busy lives and treating us to a weekend in Discovery Primea. I can’t believe I had the chance to go on an actual staycation in the middle of our OB-GYNE rotation in Quirino.

We finally got full ROI from those Happy Birthday balloons.
I captioned this something witty ala Legally Blonde video essay… but now I can’t be bothered to retype.
Infinity pool? Sign me up! This is also probably the one and only time I went swimming this 2019. Lol.

Thank you to my co-clerks

Clerkship is a unique experience that’s difficult to share with people who don’t know what it’s like. So thank you to the people who have shaped me throughout half of my 23rd year of life, and who will continue to shape me for the years to come.

Thank you to my LEC groupmates and to my cluster-mates for allowing me to slide to have both my staycation and to have IMDC (more on that on a different blog post). Thank you to my dutymates for putting up with me and my fluctuating levels of productivity.

Thank you for dining with me at Agezuki.

OG: Faye, me, David, Stephen, Francis. Missing from my heart: Bettina.

Thank you to my friends

My week-long celebration actually kickstarted with my life partner Marianne. I’m happy the stars aligned for us to both be free and in Manila on that day. Thank you for always being thoughtful and for being the best role model (for many many things, but not including fashion and love please). Thank you for bringing me to Van Gogh Alive (as for the actual exhibit, I have mixed feelings but no time to write a review).

Thank you for being an instagram friend.

Since I had duty the Monday after our staycation, I had to head back to Ortigas Sunday night. Naturally, I swerved north and found myself in Katipunan with some debate friends.

Nominally I was there to support the kids (and adults) competing in Ateneo Intervarsity, but really I just came for the food.

Thank you for always being my intellectual safe space, DC. And for always making me laugh.

I wish I had more time (and money) to celebrate with other friends. But time has a way of just sweeping by. Before I knew it, it’s already nearing Christmas and way too late to send invitations.

But let me thank you anyway. Thank you to my bio girls, for answering panicked questions about different rotations and for sharing the latest gossip. Thank you to my HS friends, for the sporadic chat messages that bring a smile to my face (at least we try, and that’s what matters). For the not-so-missed connections that I’m reconnecting with now –you know who you guys are. Thank you for your time.

I look forward to another year filled with new experiences and love! See you around.

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