Call my name: GOT7!

Time flies. It seems like it was only yesterday when I first got hooked into K-Pop, and then also when I first attended a K-Pop concert. Still, for many ahgases or iGot7, it also feels like FOREVER since the K-Pop band GOT7 last came to the Philippines to hold a concert (fact check: it’s been three years). I’m so blessed and happy to have had the chance to see them in action this time around!!! πŸ’š

Photobooth time! Thanks to #GlobeKPOP for this free souvenir. πŸ’š

My love for GOT7

I fell in love with GOT7 early on in med school. They were probably the very first group I was truly an active fan of. (I became a fan of 2PM and Miss A too late to truly appreciate them and their comebacks).

I would watch their reality show episodes and variety show appearances as soon as they came out with subtitles. Their personalities meshed well and they always had a way of making me laugh. It didn’t hurt that three of them (my favorite #AmeriThaiKong line) were fluent in English at that time.

Their Flight Log trilogy holds a special place in my heart. I first heard of the group during their MAD era (the iconic “If You Do” is still god tier), but it was during Flight Log: Departure’s “Fly” that I became a fan (until now, I really love their smooth upbeat tracks the best).

I continued on all throughout the trilogy, especially with “Hard Carry” and its related reality series (special shoutout to “Skyway”). “Never Ever” was the very first comeback single that I replayed over a 100 times within 24 hours. Over the months, I also cemented Bambam as my very first bias (aka Bambam is the reason why I keep coming back to Thailand and why I bought a Vivo phone this year…).

Over time, I got to appreciate their talents more, from JB’s producing-songwriting skills and Bambam’s videography. Jackson Wang and his Team Wang is making both Chinese and American music news. Their successes were my successes. The content they produced were things I looked forward to after a long day of school. Being a K-Pop fan is a really special experience.

Because I was too late to peak as a fan (or ahgase), I missed the 2016 GOT7’s Flight Log: Turbulence in Manila. So I vowed to see them when they return. Even though I’ve become a fan of many other groups (BTS, BLACKPINK, KARD, (G)I-DLE), watching GOT7’s performances live was a promise I was keen to keep.

And thank the universe I got to keep that promise. :)

GOT7 Keep Spinning in Manila 2019

I loved it every time the stage was set up like this. It really gave you a feel of how GOT7 is made up of seven unique and talented individuals all coming together for their ahgases and the green ocean.
Early on the 3-hour concert, members had unit stages. I loved the JB and Youngjae, and the Yugyeom and Jinyoung stages, but the AmeriThaiKong (Mark Tuan, Bambam, Jackson Wang) “MaΓ±ana” stage got me the most pumped up.
Sometimes in the middle of a quiet moment, my brain would suddenly sing out “I AM ME” and I would feel extra motivated to work.
The line for some of the photobooths were crazy. They kinda opened the doors late. On a side note, thanknyou to #GlobeKPOP for this event!
My bias and I just wrecking into your life. Thank you Bambam!!! Though to be fair, I got bias-wrecked pretty hard over the night (hello JB).
There was no way I could have gotten such an awesome photo (even if I did get VIP). So thank you very much for this shot, Globe!
Walang uuwi– Though you all flew back to Seoul to prepare for your comeback, thank you for the reassurance that no matter what happens, you’ll be back for your PH ahgases. Thank you GOT7!

COMEBACK: Call My Name

During the concert, multiple members (but especially Jackson) would repeatedly say something along the lines of “What’s our name?” or “Call My Name!”. Turns out, these were spoilers for their latest comeback album which was released last November 4.

This is one of the best and smoothest GOT7 tracks I’ve ever heard. I had reservations about some of their other singles before (specifically “You Are” and “Look”), but this one was just right (ha!) and catchy by its first beat. I hope it does really well on the charts.

Ahhhh. Their latest song and my memories of their 2019 concert in Manila will keep me warm throughout the worst of clerkship days.


Thank you so much to my mom for paying for my tickets. They were actually an early birthday gift. I am happy to report to everyone interested that the experience was worth every penny.

I would also like to thank my sister and the team at #GlobeKPop for making the event possible (and for making my lower box seat possible). I’m really looking forward to what other K-Pop acts will be brought soon to the Philippines. Who knows, maybe I’ll be lucky and it will be BTS or G(I)-DLE!

If that happens, I’ll make sure to grab good tickets (duty schedule permitting). Catch you all next time!

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