Blink and you’ll miss it #milestones

It’s been 14 weeks into YL7 and life is as busy as ever. Luckily, the exhaustion’s paired up with a lot of excitement, challenge, and fun. (Or is it?)

Third-year medical school is truly a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it kind of year. Every week is a whirlwind of exams, quizzes, team-based learning activities, small group discussions, clinical exposures, community work, MBA classes, and more.

I can’t believe I’ve done so many other things on top of that, to be honest. Let’s go!

Long-listed in an international essay competition

Whenever the mood (and the will) strikes, I enter essay competitions. Around late August I received this certificate informing me I was long-listed out of 1500+ participants around the world. I actually forgot I joined this at that time, haha!

Open Future

The theme was “What should a commitment to free speech on campus entail?” and as always, I said a lot of things.

I think someone asked me once for a copy but I’m shy. Sorry. Please.

Drone research? Check!

After more than a year of hustling with this awesome group of people, we finally submitted our final paper and presented our thesis. Our paper was entitled “A Simulation-Based Experimental Study to Optimize Medical Supplies Deliver Through the Use of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in the Transport of Blood Bags“. Wow, that’s a mouthful.


I love this group because they’re so chill and also very easy to herd. We went through so many traumatic, frustrating, and bloody things but we’re all still alive. Hallelujah.

Hosted an awareness event series on FSL

I have an entire separate post on this, but a month or so ago, the Innovation Management and Business Association hosted the first-ever Filipino Sign Language Week in ASMPH. It’s all about healing beyond medicine.


You can follow my blogging tag IMBA for similar content!

Attended a fashion show

My friend Vic is the founder of Kandama, a social enterprise which empowers Indigenous Ifugao women through gorgeous handwoven products. Thank you for the opportunity to attend a benefit fashion show! The dance performances and play were also entertaining as hell.


It’s SSC A! Cue nostalgia.

Joined and placed in a quiz bee

Ever since my traumatic high school spelling bee experience, I’ve tried my best to stay clear of any kind of quiz bees. I’m just not built for that kind of pressure. But with some encouragement and a lot of confidence, I joined and even placed in the team quiz bee called Celsus Cup!

I’m so happy my house is color yellow.


Thanks to my own competitive spirit and all the extroverted interactions happening around, I was dead tired right after. I’m glad I attended though! Not only did I get 5 bonus quiz points for Pulmo, I also made friends. Ish.

Top-notch clinical experiences

The beauty of third-year medical school is the increased yet controlled exposure to clinical environments. We get to test our ability to arrive at a diagnosis and management plan with the patient right in front of us. Sometimes I get a bit stupid and forgetful, but it’s all part of the learning process.


I’ll probably add more photos when I get them from other people! All of my preceptors (and group mates) have been excellent so far.

Get published in the school paper

Do you have a copy of Scope yet? Catch the (extremely wordy) article I wrote on health communication and on viral medical videos in the special issue on art and medicine.


I also got featured as a blogger. Lol!

I’ve been asked a couple of times whether or not I want to come onboard as the EIC this year. Ah, the dilemma. Who has the time and the heart for all these things?

IMDC 2018: #ThreePeat

ASMPH brings home the trophy for the third year in a row this year’s Interscholastic Medical Debate Championships! Held in Manila Theological College, IMDC 2018 focused on mental health issues for all 7 rounds. I had the pleasure of making it to the semi-finals and taking home 2nd best speaker of the tournament.


A special shout-out to my teammates Keith and Ara! I was part of the winning team in 2016 and 2017 (follow the IMDC tag here); it feels kind of weird that this IMDC is probably the last debate tournament I’ll join in a very long while. Probably ever.

Wait. Let’s end this on a happy note!

I’m so excited to see what else is in store for me (and for all of us) this YL7! Got to keep hustling!

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