MIBF 2018: in love, broke

Every year I make the pilgrimage to SMX Convention Center in Pasay City for the Manila International Book Fair. Rain or shine, classes or no, I have been drawn to the 20% off sale signs since around 2014.

The fair never really changes. Expect big crowds, horrendous food choices, and an empty wallet.

This time around, I was joined by two of my favorite people ❤

The fact that we were all free was a miracle. #adulting

This year’s ‘haul’! I’ve begun reading the autobiographical I Am Malala. I loved listening to Malala’s 17-minute speech on YouTube so I wanted to know more about her story.

It’s funny because when I moved to pack them up, I noticed the other dozens of books on my shelf collecting dust. I keep buying but I never really read them… help.

I also bought a bunch of cute postcards from Bookmark. If you want me to send you a poem or a message in the old school style, give me your address!

SM MOA was so full because there was a concurrent mall-wide sale! Even getting some dessert was a struggle. 😅

See you at next year’s Manila International Book Fair! xxx

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