Surprise! A Library in Ortigas

For collegiate students everywhere, finding a cheap, cool and accessible place to study is a struggle. Almost everyone I know has their own Encounter with Titas/high school students/noisy barkadas while studying in Starbucks, CBTL and other sadly-expensive coffeeshops.

Ideally, we could all rest easy in school and public libraries. Unfortunately, the school library tends to be packed full during the days you really need to study. And the degree of investment of our local governments on our libraries is laughable (I talk about my National Library experience here), though that might change with Cebu opening the country’s first 24-hour public library.

BUT SURPRISE. There are some hidden spaces in Ortigas where you can study during the weekends.

Photo from their website.

Pro: you won’t fall asleep because your bed is several hundred meters away. Con: it’s not 24 hours.

You really can’t have everything.

Welcome to the Ortigas Foundation Inc. Library

Location: Ortigas Building, Ortigas corner Meralco venues, Pasig City
Hours: 9:30AM to 7:00PM (Monday to Saturday)

The place was quiet. I didn’t want for choice of seat. I only got to spend an hour or two inside, but it was enough to do studying.

Still, the place is open on Saturdays, so it would be great for anyone looking for a free, air-conditioned place to stay.

They had assorted prints and memorabilia on display. There were pages from the Boxer Codex and news clippings of events during the Revolution.

When I visited the Library, I couldn’t enter what I think was the Filipiniana section because it was closed off for a bookbinding workshop. I wasn’t able to truly appreciate their collection of books, which apparently includes “Historia General de Filipinas” by Juan de la Conceptions.

The foundation library regularly holds lectures and workshops.

They have a souvenir and bookshop with assorted products. The shop sells gorgeous prints of old maps, historical books and essay collections, real leather goods, bags, and stationery.

I wanted to get a historical-themed postcard set, but I couldn’t justify it.

Photo from their website.

According to their website, the shop also sells the official DVD of the film “Heneral Luna”.

Another relatively close library I visited before was the Lopez Museum and Library, though to my understanding they’re moving soon from their location in Benpres Building.

To more adventures!

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