Wonderful Times

Christmas is the time to spread love, reconnect with people, and eat away the troubles of the past year (i.e. YL6).

The holidays is also the time to rest, which is why I’ll do myself a favor and write as little as possible.

Sometimes I think I’m too old and jaded for Christmas, but I stop and rest and there it is. The Christmas spirit.

For once, my trans group stayed complete long enough for the photos.

I don’t have a photo right now of our Christmas celebration at home, so have this for now.

This Christmas season was special because I gave out real useful gifts for the first time. (Instead of the last few years, where I basically just gifted art…)

My family is the best and they give the best gifts.

The yearly pailaw continues to dazzle.

Babies are the best. The sight of our younger cousins toddling away with their gifts is a gift unto itself. I miss our younger baby cousins on our father’s side though.

I did keep myself young by fighting hard for my aguinaldo. It’s a long-standing tradition involving coins thrown into the wind and people from all generations scrambling for the money.

After spending a nice, chilly and wet Christmas in Nagcarlan, I spent a couple of nights casino-hopping with my mom, younger cousin, and balikbayan Tita.

We also watched some MMFF films. You can find my reviews through my MMFF tag.

And I met up with some high school friends the other day. The BOOK Club (the deeper meaning of our group name is still embarrassingly etched onto my brain) was 50% complete. Woah there 😂

Happy holidays! May we all be refreshed and ready to meet 2018 ❤❤❤

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