Movie: Thor Ragnarok (2017)

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I’m on a roll with this review thing!


I will fight anyone who says Thor is a flat character, including my past self from three hours ago (before I watched the movie, how things change). I absolutely love Thor, both the movie and the character!

Some people might say it was erring on this side of too-funny (hi kuya), but those people aren’t going through BP2. Basically, I needed all the laughter I can get.

Marvel/Disney’s ability to engineer worlds out of nothing but lots of computers and legions of SFX teams is nothing short of incomparable. The visual effects, scoring and overall design are all pandering to my inner aesthetic.

Out of the Thor series, I am hesitantly putting Ragnarok as the best –definitely better than The Dark World, which was a confusing physics-laden mess. The interactions between the brothers matured more, there was a lot of cracks, I love social-justice-warrior Mark Ruffalo, and Heimdall is still An Ultimate Crush. Thor has also learned to embrace his inner benevolent surf dude bro lifeguard.

Admittedly, the story and everything in it was nothing special or groundbreaking, but as always, it was a quality film. Kudos to Taika Waititi. Go watch it for the lols!!!

I would like to dedicate a special paragraph to Cate Blanchett and Tessa Thompson. Peace xxx

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