Movie: The Foreigner (2017)

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Am i irresponsible enough to have one of these every week? Probably. Thor’s this weekend already!!!

I had the questionable honor of watching Jackie Chan’s The Foreigner this weekend. I didn’t know about this movie until, like, an hour before I watched it. I wanted to watch Victoria & Abdul but unfortunately it wasn’t showing anywhere.

I don’t go out to watch action thrillers a lot, so the benefits of the formulaic plot were lost on me. I did like the undercurrent of sadness and desperation throughout the whole film, thanks to Jackie Chan’s emotive and aged face.

Largely no thanks to the Irish accent of several characters, including Mr. Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan, I only understood probably 70% of the movie at any given point in time. It all tied up neatly in the end though.

What I did like about this film, aside from Jackie Chan as a sad human sunshine, was its handling of (a) England-Ireland politics and the UDI, meaning I knew nothing about the situation, and now I know maybe 5% more, (b) grief if you happen to be a retired trained Special Ops martial arts savant, and (c) my money, because I only paid PHP200 for this movie. Festival Mall is ancient.

That is all. Back to… drugs.

This post was written one week ago. xxx

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