A continuation of my ktrash life 😂 Now with more Bangtan Boys

20170506 ➡️ 20170613 // from someone who can’t tell jin and v apart to a lowkey might-be army scrolling through #BTSFESTA2017 lol

Definitely enjoyed my first kpop concert 💕 Highlights: Jimin, JHope’s heart smile, seeing Not Today and Fire and BST and Dope and Save Me live (those were the only songs I knew 😓), all members speaking Filipino and saying things like “nawa’y” 😂, Jimin dancing blindfold!!!


  1. 500% sad that I was still using my Samsung S4 when I attended the concert 😂 I’m not sure if I mentioned it in this blog already, but I got a Samsung S8 in time for the Europe Trip!!! It is gorgeous. 
  2. Thanks again to my sister for our tickets ❤ And of course to L and C for coming with me and metaphorically holding my hand. I briefly blogged about this on my year wrap-up post.
  3. Since this concert was during a school weekend (with an exam the following Monday, lol), I didn’t have enough time to become a super fan. Now I am. I can’t even. 


All of their performances are everything??? Top quality????? These children are now celebrating their 4th anniversary, and I cannot be happier for them and the whole fam. Also, they are ridic generous with producing/giving out content for the fans. 

Now my next goal in life is to see GOT7 in action. I’m still an ahgase (or maybe very specifically a YugBam fan) though I haven’t been following them as much recently (the current season of Real GOT7 is a lot less fun compared to their Hard Carry show huhu). Just kidding. My next goal in life is to go to Bangkok just to hangout in Bambam’s b’chill cafe

I looked at my old hallyu fever post and I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything about GOT7 then. In the interim, I have been consumed by so many GOT7-centric variety show episodes, performances and even a tiny bit of merch (my sister enables me). 

And now that I think about it, I also haven’t written anything about BIGBANG (they, too, consumed me). Especially all of their epic stages. Sigh.

Anyway ❤ That is all. I really just wanted to clear up the queue. 

Me, CJ & Lea :)

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