manila adventures pt 2

manila adventures pt 2 is the spiritual sequel to my post Four Hours in Manila, which featured me walking around Luneta Park, the National Library, and more. I also had a blog post on my tour of the Museum of the Filipino People with my sister (though to be honest I think I’ve been to the National Museum five hundred times…).

This time I’m back touring a slice of Intramuros and the National Planetarium, ending up with more bruises, heat and unavoidable spending.

Who knew trying to learn how to bike would be so hard? The people at Bambike were really chill and helpful. Thankfully we were all still full from our lunch at Barbara’s, so we didn’t crash out or anything.

Thank you to my teachers M and J for doing your best. Thank you for Ate R for coming with me! And thank you as well… to all the pedicab drivers, to the cute 6yo kid who kept encouraging me, to all passersby. I’m happy my suffering made you all happy in turn.


The National Planetarium was a bit underwhelming (maybe because we didn’t make it to a show). But the whole day was a lot of fun and frustration under the sun! A+, would recommend!


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