PIDC 2017


Sometimes things don’t turn out the way we want it to. But maybe this is life’s way of questioning and reaffirming why we stay. This PIDC reminded me why I’m still (occasionally) here. Win or lose, it’s about appreciating reason above all –the challenge of new ways of thinking, the joy of meeting shamelessly novel ideas, the recklessness of subverting rationality.

I love debating, especially with and against the people I love. But since my first stint as a judge last NDC La Salle, and through a couple other tournaments in between, I think I’m learning to love adjudicating as well (and learning to adjudicate in general… the sport might be showing me some love back??? A bit???? The struggle is real). I’d still rather debate though 😂

Thank you to the UP Manila debaters and judges for entertaining me in between rounds and for doing your best (especially to the cute!!! new members I just met this tourney), to our alumni (chz akala mo undergrad student pa rin ako hahaha), to the Adj Core for the new and challenging motions, to all the debaters and judges I interacted with, and to this LGBT squad+++++ for being the best, in any reality.

Congratulations to all speakers and judges ❤❤❤!!! Time to rest, watch Wonder Woman and remember how to med.

This is basically a repost of my post-tournament Facebook status, haha! I lowkey cannot believe that my mom posted an IG photo of me with my 4th place medal… Lol. Anyway. I blogged about PIDC 2015 here, and a bit of my first time judging was mentioned here.

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