The quest to clear out the 2016 queue continues!


I love Thailand!!! So much!!! After Japan (and the Philippines, of course), Thailand is my favorite country in Asia.

It’s like a bigger and more advanced Manila. The weather’s largely the same (a bit cooler, I think). But the metro’s so functional and the highways had less traffic. And the shopping! I want to go back every year just to buy clothes.

And, as always, thank you to my mom for funding this trip.

In Thailand, we lost:

  • Money while shopping in Pratunam and eating all the food (seriously, I only had THB100 to spend the last day)
    • It was only when I got back to Manila that my mom stated the obvious: I could have used my credit card all along. Ha!
  • Our way… AT LEAST THRICE:
    • Our cabbie (I think going from Bangkok to Bangna) couldn’t find our hotel or even the correct exit from the highway, so we spent 30 nauseating minutes going around U-turns. Tip to future self: Invest in a Thai phone number, and contact the hotel ASAP when something like this happens.
    • Our tuktuk driver drove us through Chulalongkorn University unnecessarily, though I’m not sure if he ripped us off or he genuinely didn’t know where to take us.
    • And on foot, we couldn’t find the flower market. Damn that flower market. 
  • My chance at being called anything more than an Asian Octofinalist. Too soon? Too soon.

But at least we got photos (80% of which were of food/us eating). Top of my things-to-do-in-Thailand was finding the most photogenic plate of Pad Thai; I think I nailed it.

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More photos under the cut!

I love Thailand.

Bangkok is like a bigger and better Manila: more efficient public transportation systems, wider roads and less traffic, more parks and less pollution. A+, will come back with more money to shop.


It was fun.


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