Ballet: The Great Classics 2016 by PBT

LET NO ONE TELL YOU THAT BALLET IS BORING. I almost cried, I kept sitting in awe, I learned to believe in love again. Philippine Ballet Theatre’s The Great Classics was a good show and a fun time!

The Cultural Center of the Philippines
in cooperation with Petron
Philippine Ballet Theatre 30th Season
The Great Classics 2016
Featured Guest Artists are JARED TAN of Atlanta Ballet and JOSEPH PHILLIPS of Mariinsky Theatre, Primorsky Stage.
Artistic Director: Ronilo Jaynarion
Accompanied by the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Herminigildo Ranera.

As always, we can’t take photos or recordings while the show was ongoing.

Showing in Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo, The Great Classics features a selection of ballet’s most celebrated dances, including pieces from the Swan LakeFlames of ParisRomeo and JulietDiana and Actaeon and Paquita. 

I loved how the narratives and emotions can be clearly felt from a combination of the dancing and the music (perhaps thanks to the live orchestra, which is unfortunately not a mainstay in the show’s run). The emotional resonance in the first Swan Lake and in the Romeo and Juliet balcony scene were particularly moving.

When the story is lost, when it becomes a succession of technical moves, I find it more difficult to follow or to appreciate. This might be the reason why out of all of the featured dances, I liked the wedding scene from Paquita the least.

That, or I was just beginning to feel that a 2+ hour run-time was too long.


But kudos to everyone! As I said, I didn’t get bored or disinterested at any point during the show. While the performances weren’t flawless (with a few unfortunate costume or set disturbances along the way), it was still an excellent show of what the CCP’s resident ballet company could offer.

Every time someone leapt, I kept wondering how people could transcend the laws of gravity and physics. It looked like they were flying.


Here’s a round of applause for all of the artists who made the show happen!

And another round of applause to C, for coming with me (or for inviting me?), and to my sister, for getting us orchestra center seats (!!!). It’s like appreciating ballet is also about the company you’re with. I feel the need to suddenly brush up on my technical knowledge of ballet, since C is an actual fan! Missed you, M!

I think there are still tickets available for the shows later tonight and tomorrow! I’m so helpful I’ll link to TicketWorld! Haha.

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I’m kind of interested in watching PBT’s Darangan ni Bantugen, when it shows in September. As far as I know, it’s a highly regarded epic in Maranoa.

So you should also watch out for that!

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