I have three posts to put up soon, all still in various states of progress:

  • The start of my MD-MBA journey in ASMPH, which I’ll probably post next week once I’m done editing the photos + after the transition summer’s over
  • A DIY Watercolour Travel Palette, though I’m still not actually done with the thing (I still have to buy spray paint lol)
  • My first ever printables!!! Though I might just upload this one to my tumblr

That’s pretty much it. I’ve been commuting to and around Ortigas the last couple of days; I’ve met a lot of awesome people and actually /socialized/ a bit, and I love the world.

I’m going out later.


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  1. You commuted alone while I was away? 😂

    1. Of course not, Ate R was with me. Please.

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