Spoken Word: slr, flame-resistant

Here are the pieces I performed during Aloha, a benefit event hosted by some CAMPers last May. I think that was May. Before that, I hadn’t performed a piece in public since… early 2015? I think. (Thank you to N for inviting me to perform).

I tried to edit them but then I realized I didn’t want to. They are a testament to my ability to cram under pressure. I wrote flame-resistant an hour before the event, right after V and I finished our thesis defense. It was so fresh it was still called Untitled when I performed it.

I guess, uh. Click to zoom in?


I feel like there’s more to that night that I should blog about… But honestly I’m just trying to clear out my blogging queue before med school starts (registration’s on Monday!).

Me, performing. Lol.


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