hey you

Last night I dined with a curious example of a “working” “young ” “adult”.

I have lots of things to be grateful for (#blessed). I learned so many new combinations of words.

Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to celebrate life with me, even though I’m not that great in terms of company. We do go around in circles. Not really. It was all very linear, but the direction was pretty creative, since we had a limited number of things to talk about.

I was internally squealing when you said you’d go all the way from Makati to Manila just to hangout with me. I mean, I would have done the reverse, except –as I said– I literally have no money. Though I did have my beep card.

Thank you for suffering through my insufferability. And thank you for asking, verbatim: why am I paying so much money to hang out with you? In a roundabout way, making me feel like a Php800/hour escort was a nice compliment. Or something.

Good luck with your endeavors next week. Next time, the bill will be on me.

So sa year 2022 pa ‘yun haha¬†

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