ArtFairPH 2016 (a photodump)

I went to the ArtFairPH last February to satisfy my ravenous appetite for art, good company and pretentious wine.

I went first on a Friday night with C (and there’s a long story there involving traffic, impulsive life decisions, a potted plant, and a job interview), then on Saturday afternoon with my sis. I will say that I’m happy I went there twice; the exhibited pieces apparently change by the day, depending on what’s been bought and what’s been newly added.

This post has long been delayed, mostly because I wanted to properly label everything with their respective title and creator. I gave up. If you know the creators of the following works and could give me a tip, or if you are a representative who would like me to take something down, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

+ I confirmed that in terms of the art I appreciate the most, I like monochromatic pieces (with or without accent colors) and social commentaries.

Honestly I’m just trying to clear up my queue.


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