life update

oh hey, g’day mate! i got back from australia last easter, and i’m still trying to get my footing back.

several things:

  • i’ll blog about australia soon! but in the meantime, i’ve got loads of (self-proclaimed) cool photos over at my instagram and twitter and social media in general, which i’ve linked below. australia was pretty awesome.
  • but before i publish my blog about our great aussie trip, i have to post my travel blog for bali (which is, like, 10 months too late, but better late than never!). that way i get a neat, chronological telling of the countries i’ve been to and explored.
  • BUT really, before anything else, i have to study for an exam tomorrow.
  • and also i need to submit my st. luke’s application.
  • i’m also struggling with my financial decisions (again…)
  • bvs was pretty awesome. the best part was my second dc fave, diana. she’s literally the highlight of the movie for me. (the first faves naturally being dick grayson as robin, tied with dick grayson as nightwing, also tied with many other snarky little beasts (but not beast boy)).

that’s pretty much it. i’m also planning to take myself out on a date to the national library of the philippines some time soon.



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