#SadLife (not really)

I’ve got a new life mascot! M bought me a cute plush chain Sadness (from the Pixar film Inside Out) from the toy convention this weekend.

Context: When Inside Out first came out, I was the saddest thing in the world. I was so depressed (I think it was because of an issue with my writing? I don’t remember), and my friends dragged me to watch the film to cheer me up. I appreciated the film, and I appreciated all the jokes after which cast me as Sadness.

I’m embracing my #SadLife. Lol.

She first debuted as me debating inside the Conference Room. Aren’t I cute?

And then she was so dismayed at the price of my meds. (I’ve been sick with cold this past week.)
Even the prospect of food stresses Sadness out.

I haven’t blogged about it yet, but I’m going to Australia for Holy Week with my family! Watch out for my travel adventures under the tag ‘Life Down Under’!

Good morning!

(Still sick, but on the mend though.)

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