five-minute word vomit


i haven’t been writing much lately, for plenty of reasons. to be specific:

– our thesis. i’m not doing as much as viv (viv is an actual saint), but i think i’ve done more than my fair share of anxiety attacks

– my ridiculous ~love~ life, which i can’t even articulate to my tumblr blog, much less my wordpress

– hmm familial duties, like visiting my aunt (god bless her soul) confined in pgh, or vaguely trying to fix my requirements for the aussie visa

– that ateneo med school application, and all other med school applications

anyway im actually sleepy, and i just wanted to check in

ive got this idea already for my next blog post, which will probably turn out to be another art rec post / museum throwback / whatever

18:38 to 18:43 that’s it

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