five-minute word vomit

i’ve been planning gifts this holiday season, and it was a revelation. i found that there were only 16 people i loved enough to spend for. the rest of my ‘close’ friends, and everyone else who fit into some other social niche i can’t explicitly label in this blog –given this blog’s audience– do not qualify.

the coming week is a mini-vacation; thank you, apec. however i do have some academic work to do, specifically:

  • thesis
  • parasitology sp
  • para lecture readings and review
  • cell mol bio lecture review
  • cell mol bio lab review
  • natsci 8 review
  • hum ii videos

what else, what else

i celebrated my 20th birthday last weekend in holiday inn, makati. my family all pitched in together to give me the time of my life. it was a good distraction from the bad things in life.

i just watched the tail end of ‘lucy’ and the latest two episodes of ‘the flash’ season 2. i liked the bit in ‘lucy’ where she talked about time. it is the only thing.

it’s so hot. my fan is still not repaired.

i want to paint more. write more, live more, love. i also want to earn money. choices, choices.

“poetry is the silent conversation of plants”, a line by de culla. it reminds me why i live.

that’s it. 10:40PM to 10:45PM.

cheers. have fun. stay safe, world.

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