weekend study breaks and sister dates

We were driving around Manila (last week) and stumbled upon this.

Museum of the Filipino People
National Museum of the Philippines
Agrifina Circle, Rizal Park, Manila

Ifugao House | A Section of the Berlin Wall | Garing: The Philippines at the Crossroads of the Ivory Trade | The San Diego: A Homecoming Exhibit | Carolus Linnaeus | Lantaka: Of War and Peace | Story of the Filipino People | Kaban ng Lahi (Archaeological Treasures) | Faith, Tradition and Place (Bangsamoro Art) | Still | Biodiversity and RICE Climate Change | Hibla ng Lahing Filipino (The Artistry of Philippine Textiles) | Baybayin

A few things before the photos start:

  1. Before this trip to the NM-MFP, I never really appreciated archaeological museums (as opposed to art galleries). But now I suppose there’s a particular flavor of art and life to these curated relics. I heartily recommend the experience to neophytes like me. I still prefer art museums though.
  2. I should be studying for NMAT.
  3. I’d like to visit more museums in the coming months, alone or with other people. The views are terribly exciting and honestly inspiring. Life.


I felt really encouraged by the number of people lined up outside the museum; it shows that there’s a growing population of art, history and culture enthusiasts in the metro. Though there is the question of sustainability of interest. Is the queue solely a function of the free admission rule this month, coupled with the recent surge of nationalist media and social marketing? I hope it’s more than just that.

The last time I visited NM, the place was under what seemed to be an indefinite period of renovation. And the museum itself was in definite need of improvement. No matter how long this patrons’ interest holds, I hope the curators and museum management use the attention strategically for the future.



The section of the Berlin Wall is actually the main reason why we went to the museum (we saw its advert circulating around Facebook). Displayed in the Marble Hall, the section poses a striking and colorful figure.

What was regrettable with the experience was my inability to properly appreciate the social and historical context behind the piece. Perhaps I should have read up more on its background before going on the trip. 

20151011_150745-01 20151011_150844-01

20151011_151115-01 20151011_151238-01 20151011_151325-01 20151011_151703-01

Historical relics, especially those tied with death and acts of valor (as in the unfortunate sunken ship San Diego), chill the senses. It’s disconcerting to think of the way actual people used and breathed material life into the very same artefacts now coldly on display.

20151011_151911-0120151011_151828-01 20151011_151841-01 20151011_151932-01 20151011_152007-01 20151011_152028-01 20151011_152042-01 20151011_152100-01

Science! Taxonomy! Nomenclature!

20151011_152721-01 20151011_152829-01

I’m in love with old maps.

20151011_152910-01 20151011_153120-01 20151011_153328-01 20151011_153411-01image-2edcf6066eb2b7c6cf54f2b5c64d6ff38627bb4d714925a8cff4c11979cea0ea-V-01

20151011_153913-01 20151011_154007-01 20151011_154101-01 20151011_154125-01

If I could have only one outstanding comment for NM-MFP, it is this: they make amazing dioramas.

20151011_154445-01 20151011_154551-01 20151011_154731-01image-a2122d705fa1aea8c8e52e0761287ef68b16a0416706d18ca6e99d3f7b69e6be-V-01

20151011_154937-01 20151011_155255-01 20151011_155009-01

20151011_155559-01 20151011_155550-01 20151011_155456-01

“Rice: Biodiversity and Climate Change”? It’s like our thesis on testing drought-tolerant rice is following me. Nice.

20151011_155627-01 20151011_155647-01 20151011_155704-01 20151011_155724-01image-011baa32d1d4a70132d7c1334fb97f8024607cff3e14fbbd38df90a8aa184293-V-01

20151011_160518-01 20151011_160353-01 20151011_160318-01

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