TEDxUPM: (More) ideas worth sharing


There were a lot of reasons why I shouldn’t have gone to TEDxUPM: I should go study for NMAT, prepare for our thesis proposal, maybe do the other three hundred things in my deliverables. I was even minutes fresh from debate tryouts when I got to TEDxUPM (on time, by the way).

But the four hours of TEDx were worth it. In fact, I think the things I learned in the talk (as I said, I’m still currently assimilating) can be applied to every other part of my life right now. I got debate-relevant matter right at the start (thanks to the talk on UN Global Goals and to Dr. Fortun), some words of inspiration (thanks to FlipTrip and Habi), and ideas to reframe the way I live my life (thanks to the Mr. Jerrold Tarog and to the talk on Multipotentialites). I’ve got a lot of things to think about. Yay.

Here’s the video coverage of the first TEDxUPM! (x)

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