Lego x Asia

I alone heard my internal squeeing (obviously) when I saw an exhibit that featured two of my favorite things: Lego, and Asian Appreciation.


I never actually played with lego as a child; my fascination of the said building blocks stems from its use as a metaphor in one of my favorite books, Sophie’s World.

In the novel, it is mentioned that Lego is “the most ingenious toy in the world” as it puts the burden of play on the creativity of the player. The lego pieces are likened to atoms, the building blocks of the world as theorized by Democritus.


In an exhibit featuring palaces and castles, it is somehow anticlimactic to see the Rizal Monument. While extremely relevant and important to our culture, the Philippine landmark simply isn’t as architecturally or aesthetically impressive as the Taj Mahal or the Great Wall or a giant Buddha statue.

Though I would need an outsider’s perspective to truly know, I also doubt that its silhouette is as iconic or recognizable as the Merlion, for example.


I love Asia. I really, really do.


This has been a scheduled post.

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  1. unjellanera says:

    Is this in SM BF? Hehe

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