south and east and going west

south and east and going west
and yes, i don’t need to make any sense


I was reading Bukowski earlier and picked out some quotes, like

I decide that the only definition of
Truth (which changes)
is that it is that thing or act or 
belief which the crowd

which recalls some fond conversations, and also

I concluded that Bukowski is like a rambling drunk man charismatic enough to carry a story — a story which has no clear sense and direction (yet has occasional insight), and also

it is good to be sitting some place
in public at 2:30 in the afternoon
without getting the flesh ripped from 
your bones...


And I thought — 

I’ve been out on a date with at least four different people (I don’t remember things well, okay) in Pancake House (which was where I was dining with Charles), and yet the place remains strangely untainted by the perils of young love. …I’m actually laughing at myself for writing those words, but honestly, I can’t help but think of the whole thing as curious.

No matter how awkward or stressful or absolutely lovely those relationships were, they were all tied together by Pancake House, of all things, of the Classic Pan Chicken and Special Sets and Pilaf. And while my love for those people faded or changed, my love for Pancake House remains as strong and as inexplicable as it ever was.

I suppose that brand experience just proves to me that some things can endure anything, or maybe that I truly am a first-class repressor of memories and a master in dissociation, or maybe that I can be loyal (at least to restaurants).

It’s still my go-to comfort food, alongside CBTL’s chocolate chip cookie + eggs ben.


Life Update

I took myself out on a date (masturdate?) and a chill shopping spree earlier to counter my first day blues (we had, like, no real classes today at all). And then I laughed hard and ate pizza slices and had a good time with the Debate Circle Execomm during our sem planning dinner session. It has been a relaxed but productive day. Yay.

Did I mention that all of my classes for this semester begin at 7AM? Now you know.

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