Writing Desk

To be quite honest, I’ve got nothing.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 01.46.59

That’s all there is on my writing desk: miscellaneous poetry and lyrics, essay seedlings for some contests here and there, an empty travel blogpost.

(You know, I’ll only start working on my Bali 2015 blog post after I finish the video. So I can’t do that yet, because some people still haven’t uploaded video material which I really need for my vision to work, okay.)

How does one become inspired? Maybe if the daily heat index would go down to a reasonable range I would be able to do anything other than futilely attempt to aestivate. Maybe if I had a more structured and demanding schedule; I’m useless when my calendar’s empty. Maybe, maybe. I’ve also been falling out of love with love recently. Which is a disaster. #LoveWins and all that.

In fact, because I am a certified social justice warrior –not really, who actually certifies that kind of thing–, I could write about:

  • #LoveWins (congrats to the whole of North America!!!!! Yes, you Mexico!!!),
  • Intersectional transgender rights (that Valkyrie issue, Caitlyn Jenner and so on)
  • The word ‘transracial’ (thanks for making a mess of the world, Dolezal)
  • Insidious racism (the media treatment of the #CharlestonShooting, from the privileged detainment of a white murderer to the timing of the Confederate Flag issue)
  • Blatant racism (hearts out to the oppressed in the Dominican Republic; it’s unlawful ejection, I don’t understand why it could even stand for a day)
  • Immigrant perception and discrimination (shoutout to Donald Trump, whom I would like to publicly humiliate, I am sorry; and a legitimate shoutout to people struggling across borders)
  • Politicized economics (because a friend recently raised the fact that the TPP is still going strong, no thanks Obama; also, hello ASEAN)
  • Terrorism (ISIS strikes again and again and again)
  • South Korea’s MERS outbreak (which really makes you wonder, unfortunately)
  • Philippine politics (who am I kidding, I won’t touch that with a ten-foot pole)
  • The fact that we’re losing the abortion front in the states (because fuck oppressive institutions)
  • Netherland’s suit against the state over climate change action (hurray but also not hurray?)
  • Language (because Filipino words have landed on the Oxford dictionary)
  • Also transportation and service markets (because my bro used Uber for the first time a week or so ago, and I hear it’s all the rage in France –see what I did there)
  • …this list is getting too long

I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore. It’s 2AM. This was a sneaky current events post, apparently.


Life Update

Also I can’t drive. Even though I have a license. Damn.

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