a show from last night: Just The Way You Are


A lot of people hate on the usual brand of Philippine movies, but I love it. Last night, we watched two hours of a movie so predictably cheesy that it’s good. Like, really. If I stop to think about reaction likelihoods and the story arc in general, I’d be able to predict the whole movie. From #hugot family feels to laughable characters with recycled scripts to an overabundance of forced product placements. And an ending that really had to squeeze in a song production.

I’ve got lots of other comments, but I’ll only stick to these: most of the time Liza’s so pretty that there’s really no way to make her unattractive. And sometimes Enrique’s hair is so tall it gets cropped out of the shot, but at least his abs always make an appearance (when possible, and the movie generously tries to make that happen every half hour, in case you forgot).

I’m still laughing.

(And are there really schools like that in the Philippines, or did I just go to the boring ones?)

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