art picks, no. x

Things I’d stare at forever, had I the time.

I was supposed to write about the things I’ve been up to the last two or so weeks –new books and TV series and people– but instead this post came out. I was reading books on art yesterday, in that window of time when I had nothing to do (in between class and debate training), so I suppose that explains it. This post is actually queued; I hope I woke up in time for class.

These are some of the works of art that interest me the most, maybe because of the feelings they evoke or their history. A couple of them make me laugh whenever I think of them, which is always a plus.

I’ll probably hopefully maybe update this someday. Belatedly I noticed that most of the ones featured here are Western art from the early to mid-twentieth century. Well, my preferred style has always been against naturalistic and realistic expressions. I’ll have to visit more local and Asian museums to diversify. (But if I had to concede to anything, I’ll concede to Botticelli, and the Sistine Chapel, and honestly a lot of works I salivated over that time I went to the Louvre/Vaticani.)

Art is art is art, and art alone exists forever. 


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