today in modern art

I was hanging out with the kids again. Thankfully enough, today’s session was not as socially draining as others have been. It was all very chill. (Posted with permission).

This is part of The Hope Project, a non-profit organization in UP Manila, which aims to provide a little more childhood and normalcy to pediatric patients undergoing long-term treatment in the Philippine General Hospital. I think we need to understand the consequences of growing up sick in a developing nation, and do whatever we can to make things better.

Life Update I’ll be posting my (embarrassingly long) blog series about Japan by tonight or tomorrow. Uh. I’ll be going to Bali this June, but I haven’t booked my ticket yet. And ah, I have a new bag from Dorothy Perkins. These happy things balance out my Bio 122 exam earlier. Acceptable but not an outstanding score, I’m sure.

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