life update, word vomit-style

my network sucks, or my phone does; either way, i couldn’t receive any of my calls and texts today, so my mother and siblings and everyone else for that matter became insanely worried because i wasn’t replying to their messages or answering my phone. when i restarted my mobile an hour or so ago, i found all of the missed messages and calls waiting for me. wow. my phone would be very helpful in an emergency. not.

today i also took my 122 lab exam with a floating headache. i felt detached from the world, like my head was filled with pressure and some sort of heavy fluid. i just wanted to sleep.

landed in manila last night, past 7 or so. i think; i can’t remember. the point is, i’m not in japan anymore, and it is fucking hot here in manila.

would also like to raise the fact that blogging japan 2015 would take a million years, as i alone took more than a thousand photos (maybe). and i still have to filter through my brother’s and mother’s shots. but i am excited.

tomorrow is the day of valor, which for some reason the whole country commemorates. i get it, valor is important. defending the country and nationalism are cool. but the fall of bataan? maybe i’m just not that well-versed or appreciative of philippine culture yet.

but speaking of philippine culture, i am definitely making it into a promise: i will travel to some part of the philippines and appreciate life as it is here in the archipelago within one year. if i don’t do it, may lightning strike the nearest criminal.

currently reading some poetry for dinner; i’m also scrolling through tumblr and ao3 and the rest.

i am looking forward to tomorrow and to the rest of my days. if i say it, it will be true.

and also, i am still interested in the attractive things life offers. this is a fact.

that is all. x

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