Accepted Offerings.

I haven’t been posting anything much this past week because (1) I don’t have my laptop with me and (2) I’m currently busy having the best and worst times of my life.

So for this short post I’ve decided to just share my material wants and needs (because those are always easy to share). I’ve heard from somewhere that posting pictures of your luxury goals (bags, cars, boys) on your bedroom wall helps you in acquiring them; maybe posting them online would have the same effect.

Plus, recent visits to shrines where coins, notes, candles and incense were the acceptable offerings made me wonder: what would it take to appease/persuade a Jari (me)? I’m really easily bribed, is the point.

Hence this list. Again. (So I’ve actually made several similar posts before, shut up.)

Current wishlist:
– A good night’s sleep x 1000
– A powerbank and a new phone case
– Self-actualization
– Unlimited supply of healthy food, easily accessible and always refreshingly palatable
– Beautiful pens and notebooks; right now I’m craving for an auto calligraphy pen and a leather journal.
– Stellar grades forever
– More books, specifically

To be quite honest I have no idea what these books are about (except for the science ref and the collector’s editions of Wilde etc). I don’t know if they’d be any good. But for some reason they intrigued me, so they merit even just a feature and a google session.

And to be even more honest, I’d accept any book, as long as they’re well-written and well-meant. I like reading.

– Love (just a truckload more of it) and peace (maybe someone could dedicate a Japanese zen garden to me…?)
– More clothes and accessories, specifically

I just want all the bright and dark coats in the world, all the structured bags and all the scarves. Please.

– Unlimited gift certificate to CBTL
– A consistent movie buddy, coffeeshop buddy, art gallery and nature walks buddy. Applications always open, theoretically.
– New set of headphones
– Did I say sleep already? Whatever.

Good night.

Life Update Still in Japan. Belated happy easter. Should be on our way or be in Universal Studios Japan by now. Slightly to extremely anxious about all the schoolwork and lectures I’ve missed this trip. !!!

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