My fixation is part of a new era; the one before that, a transition.


There is a list of words I've defined by you.
I would look them up in the dictionary,
and write their meanings down, and in my thoughts
I would imagine your face beside each and
every one.

Words were senseless unless they carried your warmth;
and I have written romantic words, crude terms, 
scientific facts and random fancies, 
because I once thought that
all of my words belonged to you.
They do not.

In an old drawer I found all of the words I had
known before I met you, and I gave them all to myself.
In my head, I changed the subject of all my definitions
to someone who deserves them more
-- to myself, because I am worthy; to her, because
she is bright; to him, because he is beautiful.

I am learning to unlearn all the words
I defined by you.
I find that the world has meaning again.
And it is better.

I existed long before I knew you.

Life update  I wrote this within minutes while waiting for people to come to debate training. After an hour of waiting for people, I left. Queuing stuff up for next time, because I spent my whole Microbio class doodling and writing.

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