Last Week (A Retrospective)

Saturday, today: debate training (morning), committee meeting for Global Health Debates finance (noon), TEDxUPM talk (afternoon), IDeA competition (evening), sleep (night).

Busy day, to end a spectacularly eventful week.

HBD Rafi

Saturday. Flamingoes Resort, somewhere north. Lots of unfortunately sick people, my cute goddaughter / niece, my lovely cousin who turned twelve. Food. Family. Lots of selfies.



A photo posted by Jari Monteagudo (@jarimonty) on Jan 31, 2015 at 4:33am PST

Makati Madness

Took two train lines to Makati. Dealt with a lot of money (theoretically) in banks, learned things about the economy, ate tonteki. Finally, a parfait.

Things I learned, thanks to my mother’s personal relationship manager (while they were discussing investments):

  • Stock owners in the energy business are selling their stocks / stocks depreciated this month / stock prices dropped …all thanks to the lowered gas prices
  • But the gas prices will eventually go up soon
  • Euro will drop down to almost the same value as USD by the end of the year, because they properly entered recession
  • Measures they can take to inject more money into the zone and encourage tourism: loan money to banks at 0%
  • S&P 500 Top companies, well performing, good stocks: Apple, Exxon, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Berkshire…
  • Policies really affect the economy
  • Don’t invest in a European-denominated fund right now, because we still don’t know if Europe is stable. Greece austerity measures? Elections in Portugal and Spain?
  • Japan and Europe are in a recession. China is slowing down.

Friday blues

Perpetual hunger, a successful oral interpretation of Dance With My Father Again. I subsist on Skyflakes.


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