cinderella: origins

i was born dishonest
looking for some trouble in the silence.
i was born wanting but perfect
they tell me shut up, be quiet:
look pretty, be steady
don't come and revolutionize
but in my head i knew
i had plenty of life left
to fuck up and demonize.
there are rhythms in my head
set to an off-tune bass beat
and the world spins on
madly, i'll start to dig them deep.
don't look at me if you're scared
if you think you'll die if i cared;
i've got the gold lined heart
gifted with an antique, just for art
and when i break it
you will break.
and when i use it
you will break.
don't wait for that kind of dance
i'll leave with nothing but a glance
i'm the damned cinderella
come to take your midnight away.

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