2015 in Movies

I’m spending my year wisely, and that means lots of hours slotted in for relaxation and fun. Here’s a growing list of movies that are on my radar this year:

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 00.42.54

Into the Woods / Trailer / January

Hello to my youth. Into the Woods is one of the reasons why I love crossovers and deconstructions, and it features some of my favorite scenes and lines. I even wrote a short post about my anticipation when the trailer first came out.

Cinderella / Trailer / March

Way back in 2002, I dressed up as Cinderella on my birthday because I loved her so much. Probably. I even had the glass slippers. I don’t really think this movie would be anything new or fantastical (especially since the trailer gave everything away, and it seems like a straightforward attempt to bring the old cartoon to modern memory). We’ll see.

In the Heart of the Sea / Trailer / March

The trailer looks suitably dramatic (which is something I normally don’t go for). If I end up finishing the book Moby Dick, I might just watch it.

Avengers: Age of Ultron / May

Watching this mostly because I feel like it would be a disservice to 2010-2013 Jari if I don’t, and anyway I can’t really say no to a movie which promises stellar effects and loads of superpowers, no matter what kind of racist, sexist and unoriginal writing inspires it.

Also not watching Ant-Man, because come on.

Pitch Perfect 2 / Trailer / May

I enjoyed watching the first movie, even though I didn’t fall into deep appreciation or into the fandom. But I’m really looking forward to its sequel because it looks as if it has more girl bonding times. I’ll just ignore the Step Up-esque international dance contest premise.

Tomorrowland / Trailer / May

The trailer and premise hooked me in, though it feels uncomfortably young age (I mean, it might be a movie filled with identity issues and teen disillusionment, you know? And I’m kind of tired of that genre). I may or may not watch this.

Inside Out / Trailer / June

I’m not entirely sold on watching this Disney-Pixar flufffest since I normally don’t watch animated movies (certainly not in the cinemas), but I might make an exception. The trailer was just so indulgent, though it did play up to family stereotypes.

Jurassic World / Trailer / June

Sci-fi? Worldbuilding? DINOSAURS??? I know things would end up botched for no reason (read: human stupidity), but I don’t think I can resist.

Pan Trailer / July

I’ve always loved Peter Pan as a character (though I can care less about the creepy and racist undertones of his myth). The movie already seems to be as racist (zero cast diversity + casting Rooney Mara as Tigerlily) and possibly gaudy, but it might still have redeeming qualities.

Minions / Trailer / July

I may or may not watch this film because (1) it looks like a ridiculous, light and idiotic film, (2) I didn’t even watch the Despicable Me movies, and (3) I’m not made of money. But the trailer’s cute, and the minions are cute, so agh. I don’t know.

Fantastic Four / August

Given the utter madness and sadness that was the 2000s take on the superhero team, I now stand with zero expectations (except maybe for better CGI).

Crimson Peak / October

It’s a gothic romance with a dash of supernatural horror, and it’s by Guillermo Del Toro. I’m salivating already.

Le Petit Prince / Trailer / October

I was crying inside while watching the trailer because of the art and the hope and the French-ness of the whole thing. All I need is to figure out if it comes out with subtitles here in the Philippines.

Peanuts / Trailer / November

The main reason why I want to buy a typewriter is because of the Peanuts comics. I’m also a big fan of Schulz art (and Schulz!Direction, to be specific). It’s a cartoon, though, with what looks to be a thin plot and kind of weird animation, so I probably won’t watch it.

Spectre / November

I never looked out for 007 movies, as a rule, but ever since Ben Whishaw and his face came around, I was hooked to the whole thing.

The Mockingjay Part 2 / November

I was never a real fan of The Hunger Games –in fact, I’ve never even read a single iota of fanfiction, or tracked any sort of Tumblr tag (which is my personal measure of fan-ness), though I have read a wikipedia page or two. But since I watched the first three movies because of my sister, friends and social pressure, I might as well watch the last.


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