Life Update #2014x

I’ve been living the past few days in a haze of hesitant lethargy. I don’t actually go to sleep every night planning to sleep over fifteen hours the next day, but that’s what happens.

Curse the invention of naps.

But even when I’m doing (close to) nothing even remotely productive, I still have a lot to write.

On writing poetry

Lately I’ve been filling up my journal with verses of sad, sad poetry. It’s pathetic and kind of ridiculous, because I don’t feel particularly sad –or do I? Maybe it’s my subconscious telling me that there’s a well of deep grief and loneliness et cetera in my stone heart.

I’ve also been writing some lines as songs, actually, which frustrates me, because I can neither post them with notes or perform them. I have no singing voice, and I despair.

To while away the time

To fill whatever waking hours I have left, I’ve given over my lifeforce to Tumblr and to AO3 and to all the other “creative” pursuits left in the world. The fact that I’ve already made a routine of digital consumerism in the handful of days of vacation I’ve had is actually pretty impressive. I’m proud of my bad habits.

Though some nights I do some actual work, i.e. wrapping gifts. It’s harder than it sounds, but the repetitive and factory-line-esque work of wrapping ten or so gifts a night is quite cathartic. I’m so zen.

On Christmas

I refuse to believe that 2014 is coming to an end.

But if the compensation is in the form of holiday money and gifts, I may be persuaded to greet this festive season with a happier and lighter heart.

To other news

I’ve downloaded a grand total of eleven new fonts tonight, and I’m excited to use them. I’ll be personalizing the gifts of some people with typography and art stuff, so that will be brilliant (if I actually get around to doing it).

The paints here at home still haven’t seen the light of day, which is disheartening but not surprising.

I’ve also embarked on some other work-related pursuits, but updates on that will take up another post. Probably for next year.

…I’m afraid

That I’ll actually fall asleep soon after this. I suck. I should stop sleeping so much, it’s unhealthy.

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