i know it isn’t wise, but lately I’ve been wondering//

Hi. I don’t actually know. Whatever. 

10pm at night
and it's too early to sleep
I keep thinking to myself
why did you do this to me.
And my mind races on
to the day that we will meet
I'll be screaming in my head
why in the world did you choose to leave.

And the chorus of my sadness
is the repetition of your name;
I call out to the darkness
won't you come comfort me.

Bright in the morning
and I am moving ahead.
I wonder at the empty streets
is there anyone I get to keep,
because I walk along the wide road
to the beat of my own halting feet.
I stop by a mirror and ask my double there
is my flesh by myself fading slowly to gray.

and the coda begins
with the impression of your face
I call quietly to fate
for the reality of you to greet me as I wake.

And it's cold, it's cold
when all the covers're lost.
I shiver to my soul
asking to where have you been gone.
And it's cold, it's cold
burying my heart
I whisper to my dreams
asking when will you be back.

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