Holiday Hairstyle

Last Saturday I lost twelve inches of hair and a couple of pounds to go with it. All in the spirit of Christmas. wpid-photogrid_1416325137584.jpg

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

After the initial you’ve got short hair!!!, people are very quick to follow up with but WHY??? And it’s fair. The missing weight of twelve inches of hair was probably a shock to everyone (even me). So just to clarify, I have three very concrete answers as to why I cut my hair –and so drastically.

1. Shampoo costs a lot.

This is the answer I give when I’m feeling especially detached to any hair-related sentiment. Waist-length hair has the tendency to just consume shampoo and conditioner and money on treatment; it also makes me look really unkempt when I turn up to class still with dripping hair — I can’t help it, I don’t have a dryer.

2. It’s time.

I failed to take a “before” picture. Sigh. This is the only picture I have at hand; the point is, it was pretty long before.

I don’t remember having my hair cut this 2014. At all. But even if I did, they were only probably maintenance trims and nothing more. The last real cut I had was before we left for Korea… which was more than a year ago.

Aside from that, I’ve never had short hair (or honestly, anything that wasn’t “past shoulder-length layered with side parting”) in recent memory. So if I want to find out how I look with short hair, now’s the time to experiment. While I still have my youth, etc.

Also, well. I do want some change in my life.

3. I donated it.

I’ve always had this vague intent to donate my hair for people with cancer, yet I never really knew how to go about it. Marianne, who donated her hair some weeks before I did, told me that there used to be programs hosted by David’s Salon where you can have a haircut and they’ll handle the whole donation part.

Note: This is Marianne.
Note: This is Marianne.

I fired a quick message to David’s Salon’s page and they replied with this:


I waited for the right time, went to SM Adriatico; the rest is history.

Short hair, don’t care!


I received a lot of comments on my hair aside from the initial shock and curiosity. I would have presented it in a cooler fashion, but. Whatever.

“It’s so short!”

This whole section goes to my sister, who probably said phrases to that effect roughly one hundred times last Saturday. I can’t blame her, as I was going through the same shock phase as well. It also goes to everyone else.

Also, no shit, Sherlock.

*Also another note to my sister, who almost didn’t recognize me from the back.

“You look prettier. It suits you better than your previous hairstyle.”

Given that it was my mother said this, I am disinclined to take this with anything more than a grain of salt. (Wow that was a convoluted sentence). You are my mother. I cannot trust you.

“You look more mature! / You look younger!”

The hairstylist was probably buttering me up when she said I looked younger with this style; just awhile ago Kuya Edgar (Biology labs technician) called me “teacher” repeatedly in reference to my hair.

I don’t know. Maybe the average bob actually has time-warping and age-defying abilities.

“It’s cute! It suits you!”

While my friends were the ones who said these, and so were similarly driven by love and sensitivity over my fragile self-esteem (what), and not by objectivity, I still internally blushed by like 30% every time.

Every time.

Thanks, guys! Nice to know I didn’t completely ruin my look or anything.






Life Update

Well, more life updates. I’m posting this right now, because in three or so hours I’ll be going back to school for make-up class for Bio 160. I don’t understand why professors thought cramming the last three exams in 1.5 months was a good idea (while the first exam coverage was taken up for the first 2.5 months of the semester). So now it’s like. 5 exams a week. Or something.

Also, I’ll be posting this Saturday about my experience watching Philippine Ballet Theater’s The Nutcracker in CCP.

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