A study break featuring 1D

Involves me reading up on this promising review on One Direction’s latest album, and just. It’s 3AM and I’m so proud of them.


We’ve come to expect a few years of bombast from groups like this, then a soft slope down toward a break-up, followed by D-list name recognition punctuated with the occasional guest spot on Dancing with the Stars or an US Weekly wedding headline. But four albums into global success no one could have predicted, One Direction aren’t getting the hint to wrap it up… Four is a focused, genuinely fun pop-rock album, and a sign of truly promising growth that isn’t likely to taper off soon. “And we go and we go and we don’t stop,” they sing in the sprawling breakdown of the ambitious, punk-tinged closer “Clouds.” It’s not a threat, it’s an invitation to take them seriously. What’s your excuse?

And also:

Tomlinson’s reedy tenor is in especially fine form on “No Control,” punching out the chorus like the vocal equivalent of a pelvic thrust.

via With ‘Four,’ Are the Boys of One Direction Growing Up? | NOISEY.

Please. I really need to get a copy of this album soon.

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