I first watched Into the Woods (I daresay the definitive version, uploaded by a kind soul to YouTube) when I was in first year high school. My then-senior sister had to watch the musical as a requirement for their Lit class; I was defenceless against my natural curiosity, my sister’s want for a fellow fangirl and the intuitive appeal of a crossover come to life. Three years later I would watch it again (and again and again) for the same Lit class.

Into the Woods drew me in with its premise, and it left me emotionally attached to the twists and turns of its plot. It also made me sing (to the misfortune of my family).

Right now, I’m struggling with the wonderful possibility that this movie will be a great adaptation, that it will bring out to the unsuspecting world the awesomeness of this musical with its unforgettable beats and even more memorable characters. I’m struggling with the enormity of its blessed potential. I sincerely and absolutely cannot wait for this movie!

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