TBL Book Review: Immortal by Traci L. Slatton

It’s been quite some time since I’ve read this book; I don’t even think that I’ve read this novel more than twice. And yet more than five years since, it still resonates (for some reason).


In an age of wonderous beauty and terrible secrets,
one man searches for his destiny…

In the majestic heart of Florence, a beautiful golden-haired boy is abandoned and subjected to cruelty beyond words. But Luca Bastardo is anything but an ordinary boy. Across two centuries of passion and intrigue, Luca will discover an astonishing gift—one that will lead him to embrace the ancient mysteries of alchemy and healing and to become a trusted confidant to the powerful Medicis…even as he faces persecution from a sadistic cabal determined to wrest his secrets for themselves.

Judging by the reviews I’ve just read online, Immortal can be a hit-or-miss. (No need to say that it was a hit for me). It’s a long read with a heavy premise about the 180-year journey of Luca Bastardo, sprinkled with a lot of violence and scheming, lust and, well, love. 

love it because of the sense of wonder it evokes. Immortal is a historical fiction set in the era I loved most at that time (European Renaissance), with characters I adored and later worshipped (Medici, Leonardo). It inspired in me the thirst to research so many things after. I fell in love with its conspiracies.

At the same time it was a fantastical novel, daring me to believe in the idea of immortality and secret religions intertwined with reality. It was a step deeper into my love affair with mythology; I think it influenced me from that point on to find joy in conspiracies and in alternative interpretations.

It was a pot of transcendent art, historical references and greedy men (and several notable women).

I probably also had a crush on Luca Bastardo at some point.



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