NTU UADC 2014 Part 2!

It’s come to my attention that it’s been over a year since I joined the UP Manila Debate Circle. To commemorate this joyous occasion (really), I’m finally posting this long overdue travel post! But before that —a picture of UPMDC’s batch 19! [We are hella cute!]

[L-R] Mort, Anton, Allan, Christian, Jari
[L-R] Mort, Anton, Allan, Christian, Jari

Here’s the main travel bit (with teeny tiny amounts of commentary after) ((also how did I end up with a 7-minute montage)):

  • The SINGAPORE TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM is still awesomely efficient! There was actually a bit of mishap there, since [anecdote coming in] I swiped in my card riding my train but I didn’t swipe my card getting out of it (IDK how I even got out of the train station without paying, basically. I think I tagged along the person in front of me. Fast forward to the end of the day when we were going back, and I couldn’t go through the barrier! My card kept being read as “Error” or “Invalid”. Huhu. Everyone had to wait for me while I sorted things out.
  • KINOKUNIYA is perfection! :) I’m a little bit frustrated that I wasn’t in the right mood for a book shopping spree (shocking!) and that we didn’t have the time for it.
  • HUNGER is the greatest motivator of anger… or something. The point is, some arguments and short-tempered expressions came up during the rest of our stay (but only when we haven’t eaten yet).
  • DEBATE <3 The whole debating part of the trip became secondary after we were eliminated (but we were SO close!!!). I even slept through some of the rounds (accidentally?? Or maybe the beds were just really comfortable).

tl;dr The trip was amazing. I didn’t lose anything (except my mind, occasionally) and didn’t spend too much (I think) and my outfits were on point.

Oh, and we also almost broke + I got to meet some friendly Indonesians, Thai, Pakistanis…


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