Life Update #84733

My life is full of updates. I honestly cannot find the will or the time to write anything more than reactions or five-line poetry. I can’t even write a proper blog post, which is unfortunate. My life is actually really interesting and intense right now. I just don’t want to write about it.

I am going in circles.

To put a little bit of structure in this post, here are 5 Things Jari Got Up to Since Her Last Update Post. Fuck that’s a long title.

You will also notice that the writing style is different. It is because I am forcing every syllable out of my sad, tired body.

1. Back to school

I spent roughly 140*7=700+280=980 characters to tweet to the world how much I want to go back to school. The distinctive brand of ennui brought about by two whole months of bumming out drove an unprecedented desire for more productivity.

I take it back. I take it all back. I do not want to go to school if it means having to attend more than one class where I have to wear pants. Laboratory classes are a tragedy. The prescribed textbooks and modules which cost a million and break my back are a tragedy. The heat is a hell-intended tragedy. My face breaking out is a tragedy.

I’m not even going to touch the subject of enrolment.

To clarify:

I love school. I love learning. But right now I am hoping for that happy balance between things that satisfy me and things that make me want to be a bum forever.

2. Still debating

Early August, I debated in Ateneo Intervarsity. It was fun. Our team got as far as Octofinals before being unceremoniously eliminated. I meant unjustlyOr I’m just being a sore loser. Whatever.

As Deputy Minister for Training & Research, as part of the Execomm and as one of the few remaining members of the UP Manila Debate Circle (I have no idea where the rest of them went), I have witnessed and been forced to participate in a number of initiatives to improve the quality of daily trainings and to expose us to more debate opportunities. Gunning for a championship, et cetera.

I’m not even sure where I’m going with this. I can’t complain, since it’s all for our progress and betterment as a debating institution. In fact I should be excited for it …except for the part where there’s added work. I am, however, extremely excited for this:

UPMDCRecPoster2 UPMDCRecPoster1


Debate is one of the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off. It’s intellectually stimulating and challenging. It hones critical thinking and develops public speaking abilities. It helps me in writing, in arguing, in being aware of the world. It’s the reason why I travelled to Singapore last May.

It’s an investment. It’s so life-changing that I even RTR’ed for it. I may be considering going to Luzon Intervarsity (in Los Banos) this September. National Debate Championship in Cebu this October is 95% a no-go. Unfortunately.

3. AIESEC-ing

/In progress, mostly because our new projects aren’t out yet by tonight and so are still confidential. We are so awesome. But lots in store for UP Manila!!/

4. New Org

It’s a bit of a sad tale, realizing that so far this whole post has been 70% about org work (and 30% academics and other things). Can’t help it?

But the point is:


It’s an organization that tags itself with the line, “Kids should be flying kites, not fighting cancer“. This may finally be my chance to do work that directly targets individuals, rather than communities (as in AIESEC) or communities (as in debate). Helping children. Goodness.

5. Other things

Sometimes when I near the end of an article, I get tired of writing. I am sure lots of other things happened in my life since then (disastrous *wink wink*) but I’ll let it go.




:) Today I actually went to UP Diliman to pillage a meter of land. I do not apologize.

I wanna watch a movie and eat dinner out and be in the company of people who will give me happiness and who will absorb all of my negativity. Huhu. …theoretically. I do actually hate people.

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