Life Update #4247 | Look at my hair, my long (beautiful) hair

I don’t know why I have so many life updates recently, when I’ve been doing next to nothing these past few days.


So basically I woke up from my late night nap (it’s not sleeping!! because I’m on my summer biocycle… or something) and I wanted to share my head of bed hair. Haha! I’ve been so happy recently because it’s so long now (I’ve been deliberately growing it out!!). I want it to reach my hips or so before I finally cut it for charity.

And I swear I own a comb and a hair tie, but one or the other has been lost to the ether.

Just woke up (but first lemme take a selfie!)


Jari next week:

  • Last couple of driving lessons before I take my test on Friday (and won’t that be fun??? At least I hope to take and pass it this coming Friday)
  • Debate training (not as much as I’d like to, actually, but we can’t have everything!)
  • My bro’s birthday! (We’re probably celebrating it on Tuesday, the holiday)
  • The dreaded enrolment period for third year college (time flies shit)
  • AIV this weekend! (it’s a debate competition)
  • and then school the next week!!!! I am so excited to finally be productive again huhuhuhu—-


That is all. (This post had a lot of parentheses.)

bye xxx

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