Moleskine: MyAnalogCloud|It says I’m a Scientific Reporter


Hovering over the details, Moleskine tells me that I am a:

  • Pragmatist (I learn by doing)
  • Rational (There’s an explanation for everything)
  • Sociable (I like to share and make connections with others)
  • Modernist (The world is a machine for living)
  • Thoughtful (People who care make the world a better place)
  • Nomadic (I’m always on the move)
  • Analog (My life is happening in real time)

Fair enough for most days. Frankly I’m just amazed that Moleskine was able to judge me so quickly just because I chose to dump a calendar, cash, a smartphone, a white click-pen and a ruled notebook inside a beige tote… Well, I’m also tickled pink by the word scientific in my identity. Anything to make me feel like I’m in the right career path!


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