When Having Opinions Brings Rape Threats: A Captain America Story

When Having Opinions Brings Rape Threats: A Captain America Story

I’m just so angry right now. The article boils down to the headline: a woman criticizes the work of a white guy in the comic book industry (Rick Remender) for portraying the Falcon (inebriated, if not drunk) having sex with a 22-year-old woman (who was thought to be a 14-year-old by a significant number of the audience) and just for that criticism she went on to receive rape threats, unsolicited dick pictures, stalked and humiliated online, with her name and personal details broadcasted against her will. Whether or not her criticism was unfounded (and no matter what anyone says, there’s really no such thing as an invalid criticism, wtf??), the response was overwhelmingly antagonistic and inhumane. Infantalized, patronized, condescended —basically disrespected, because she probably didn’t read the comics / interpreted too much / was too sensitive; nevermind that a hundred others joined the hashtag campaign to fire Rick Remender!

Rape is never just fiction. It fucking translates to real life if it’s unchecked, excused, defended. Fucking means war.

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  1. xmenxpert says:

    The worst part? It’s completely unsurprising. If you look into it, you’ll find article after article after article about the rape threats women who talk about comics get. Just about every article I’ve read about it has had a comment along the lines of not knowing a single woman involved in comics (as a creator, journalist or reader) who hasn’t been harassed at some point.

    So, yeah. Perhaps worse than the response itself is how utterly predictable it is.

    1. Exactly. The incident’s enough to make you angry on its own, but I stumbled upon the article after reading about the ongoing rape case of the 16 year old from Texas. The misogyny is everywhere, and I’m absolutely tired of hearing about it. :(

  2. lizabettyfiz says:

    Its just disgusting that this is happening, in what world do you deserve to rqoe because of your opinion . In what world does anyone deserve any sexual assault FULL STOP.

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