I was 9 years old when my mom took us for a month-long trip in good ol’ US of A. That was summer of 2005: my hair was sad, I was short, my clothes were pink and my nostrils were too big… But it was fun.

We stayed mostly with relatives, actually, from Los Angeles to San Diego to Palm Springs to New York to New Jersey. Highlights:

  • Santa Monica Pier / The Grove / Farmer’s Market
  • George C. Page Museum at La Brea + Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  • Disneyland + Universal Studios, baby!
  • Riding my first roller coaster with a loop (thanks Cali Adventure Park; also for the Hollywood Tower of Terror bit)
  • Hollywood ;) + Ripley’s + Chinese Theater + Rodeo Drive
  • Wax Museum and all those creepy faces :D :D :D
  • Sea World = Shamu!!!!
  • And then Flower Fields (Carlsbad!).
  • New Yooooork! Empire State Building + Statue of Libertaaaay
  • West Point
  • This crazy mansion where we stayed for a night (or two?)
  • WASHINGTON DC and that White House thing (and every other government building out there)
  • Smithsoniaaaan
  • Pennsylvania ++ Nicholas Cage’s movie set (the one for National Treasure! with Liberty Bell and everything)
  • Lots of Barbie Dolls at a relative’s house (ha!)
  • Going down Fifth Avenue and Times Square
  • FAO Schwarz (where apparently I claimed a super stuff toy??)

Someday I’ll go there again and watch a Broadway show (and gamble in Vegas, go up to Canada, visit San Fran, go see the Wizarding World in Florida…).


I was a cute bundled up angel with my knit beanie and pink shades. Damn.

(+ my family is there somewhere, but I have an unapologetic fixation with solo shots…)


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